ICO has ended!

To give continuity to the Styras project, we are launching Qwasder ICO.

The Qwasder project is the continuation of the Styras project, within Qwasder ICO we will have more

Pre-ICO and ICO Bonus time, we will have bounty program and referral code.

If you participate in Styras ICO, for each Styras Token that you have purchased you will receive the same amount in Qwasder token.


We thank all the people who participated in the STYRAS ICO!

Styras tokens (STY) listing at:

Risk disclosure:


Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. When in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies (also called digital or virtual currencies, crypto assets, altcoins and so on) involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of cryptocurrencies and futures may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. The highly leveraged nature of futures trading means that small market movements will have a great impact on your trading account and this can work against you, leading to large losses or can work for you, leading to large gains.

If the market moves against you, you may sustain a total loss greater than the amount you deposited into your account. You are responsible for all the risks and financial resources you use and for the chosen trading system. You should not engage in trading unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from your financial advisor.

All trading strategies are used at your own risk.



1. Open the App;

2. Register;

3. Once you are registered, go to wallet;

4. Deposit your Styras, Bitcoin or Ethereum;

5. You will be able to see your balance in STY and MB (MegaBytes);

6. Select the amount of STY you want to transfer to MB;

7. Once you have transferred to MB, click on Connect;

8. Now you are connected to the Internet!


To navigate you have to transfer your STY, BTC or ETH to MB (MegaBytes)

What is Styras?

The world's first decentralized mobile application based on Ethereum blockchain that will offer you Internet connectivity everywhere in the world!


STYRAS is a new Token that allows you to connect any mobile phone to the Internet.  It offers a unique solution for travelers, who need to stay connected.


STYRAS is also a router that allows you to connect up to 10 devices. With advanced encryption technology it allows you to remain connected safely.


Stay connected everywhere

Connect up to 10 devices to Internet

Send Internet balances to anyone

Buy Internet with cryptocurrencies

Token Sales Information



25%: 50.000.000 of STY to be sold on Pre-Sale


65%: 130.000.000 of STY to be sold on Public Sale


10%: 20.000.000 of STY, Reserved tokens by the

company to incentivize community, beta testers,

marketing and strategic partners.


Any unsold tokens in presale goes into public sale.

Up to 200.000.000 STYRAS tokens will be minted.

Minimum transaction: 0.1 ETH





How would you use Styras App?

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Why use Styras?

Internet access from anywhere in the world, just using your cellphone;


     You will be able to buy Internet browsing packages with cryptocurrency;


             In addition to your mobile app there is the Styras Router that you can take with you while

                  you are traveling. It will allow you to connect up to 10 devices;


                                               Without the need to pay  for Internet plans from International operators.

                                                       That means no plans, no contracts;


                                                                  If you buy Internet packages with Styras, you will receive

                                                                       15% more of MB to surf!


                                                                   It provides stable and secure Internet connection;


                                                                Wi-Fi networks with advanced encryption for data protection.

How it works?


This decentralized application allows your mobile to connect to Wi-Fi Hotspots available around the world.

All of those vendors of WiFi signals are partners of Styras.

When you start the app, it will detect your location and send it to our system.  Smart contracts  detect where the closest Hotspot are available to you.


While buying MB for navigation we receive your payment through the blockchain and after the first confirmation of the transaction, we will send a signal to our system to enable a particular Hotspot near you. Styras App receives the signal and will link you to those particular Hotspots which will be activated after the payment has been processed.


There will be WiFi Hotspots available in most countries and cities around the world.












Team Members

Members of Styras are composed of the following people

Fernando Arriola

CEO and co-Founder

Joseph Berganza

CEO - Blockchain Developer

Ami Lebendiker


Jhon Harold

Full Stack Engineer

Roger Bravo

Chief Legal Advisor

Didier Irrazabal

Chief Technical Advisor

Tom Starke


Taka Yuki Obara


Q1/2017 Start of Styras Project

Q4/2017 ICO Start

Q1/2018 Listed of STYRAS Token on exchanges, as soon as the ICO ends

Q1/2018 Hiring of Hotspot services in the main countries and their cities

Q1/2018 Development of Styras wallet for Android

Q2/2018 Development of Styras App for Android

Q2/2018 Development of Styras Router this includes testing

Q3/2018 Marketing begins for the sale of Styras Routers and APP presentation

Q3/2018 Styras Router will be available on the website to purchase

Q1/2019 Development of Styras wallet for iPhone

Q2/2019 Development of Styras App for iPhone




As seen on


Stay connected everywhere


ICO Pre-Sale


from 21-27 November 2017



from 28 Nov to 30 December 2017



ICO Public Sale

Any unsold tokens in pre-sale goes into public sale.  50.000.000 tokens will be sold on pre-sale at 0.00025 ETH or until the stock is sold out. If the 50.000.000 tokens are sold out before the pre-sale is over then they will be sold at public sale price.


Role of Coin/Token - Connect your cellphone to the Internet everywhere, Used to buy Internet packages, send Internet packages to anyone, connect your devices to a Wi-Fi HotSpots, trade the cryptocurrency.


Symbol - STY


Maximum supply (hard cap) - 200.000.000 STY


Available for purchase - 180.000.000 STY


Emission rate - No new coins will ever be created


Accepted currencies - ETH only


Price - 1 ETH = 3000 STY


Minimum transaction amount - 0.1 ETH


Main ICO Public-Sale period - 00:00am GMT Nov 28th 2017 to 23:59pm GMT Dec 30th 2017


Minimum goal - 840.000 STY


If minimum not met - Refunds can be claimed via the Crowdsale smart contract.


Up to 200.000.000 STYRAS tokens will be minted.


How would you use Styras App?