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Qwasder and Styras Official Statement:


By the following means, we inform that Styras and Qwasder, both Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) were not successful, the project was about creating a router for the internet and having Wi-Fi connection through the cellphone.


Next, we inform all the technical details of the token and declaration of expenses.


The address of the Styras token (Sty) is as follows 0x9c5BCE67611a40124887715851c9a81AbAc12256 and the contribution address of Styras is 0x9e6fad97179E0C21aCd3CAaa8C6f1140fe82c8Ea.


How do you get the contribution address?


Copy the Sty token address and paste it on // “Search by” field, go to “Internal Txns”, click on “ParentTxHash” the link that starts with "0xa2a2cd90442237..." once here // watch the line “To:[Contract 0x9e6fad97179e0c21acd3caaa8c6f1140fe82c8ea Created] and that is the contribution address of the ICO.


The acquisition of the tokens in an ICO is done through the contribution address, the user after having read and accepted the terms and conditions, sends Eth to the contribution address, the Smart contract automatically sends to your Eth wallet the acquired tokens.


Taking a look at the contribution address of Styras (Sty) in the following link // and go to 'Internal Txns', we can confirm that the total amount raised in Styras was 32,19 ETH


As Styras was unsuccessful we decided to launch the continuation that would be Qwasder ICO, an Airdrop of Styras, that would reward all the people who owned Styras with Qwasder, at the ratio 1 Sty = 1 Qws in compensation for the non-success of Styras, that is, if you acquired Sty, you would earn the same amount of Qws tokens, this was done because Styras was not successful, and thus the holders of the Sty tokens would have more options to operate.


Qwasder ICO was not successful either. The address of the Qwasder token is 0x10A052Ba2D16b8b35A1F62b09024C1a4B5763f10 and the contribution address is 0x14613ae4c175a6ff01d82418db75d89453f9fe24


How do you get the contribution address?


One of the transaction was // watch the line “To: Contract 0x14613ae4c175a6ff01d82418db75d89453f9fe24”


That is the contribution address, to prove it you must access that link again, and take a look at the amount of Qws that is 907,125588 ERC20 (QWS). Click on ERC20 (QWS) and you will go to this link // and that address match with the token address.


Taking a look at the contribution address of Qwasder (Qws) in the following link // and go to 'Internal Txns', we can confirm that the total amount raised in Qwasder was 0,44 ETH


The funds of Styras and Qwasder raised was 32,19 ETH (Styras) + 0,44 ETH (Qwasder) total 32,63 ETH which was converted to BTC in the ratio 1 ETH = 0,082 BTC. Totalizing the proceeds in 32,63 ETH x 0,082 BTC = 2,67 BTC, this is the total amount raised in Styras and Qwasder.




Declaration of expenses:


From the total amount raised in Styras, which was 32,19 Eth, they were converted to BTC at a ratio of 1 ETH = 0,082 BTC.  32,19 ETH x 0,082 BTC = 2.63 BTC, from this fund, we spent 0,5 BTC to pay the Listing of Styras (Sty) tokens in the Russian Exchange Yobit //  //, at that time (January 23) the listing cost was minimal, of 0,5 BTC. //


Remaining a balance of 2,63 BTC – 0,5 BTC = 2,13 BTC by Styras. To this balance we must add the total amount raised in Qwasder, which was 0,44 ETH x 0,082 BTC = 0.0360 BTC in Qwasder, leaving the total raised in 2,13 BTC + 0.0360 BTC = 2,16 BTC. Total amount raised in Styras and Qwasder after paying Styras listing was 2,16 BTC.


The balance of 2,16 BTC was spent on the listing of Qwasder (Qws) in the Russian Exchange Yobit // // Due to the great popularity that Yobit has acquired in these times, Yobit increased the cost of listing tokens to 5 BTC. In negotiation with our listing agent, we managed to improve the price to 4.3 BTC + additional Qwasder tokens. We have obtained an external loan of BTC to be able to pay the listing of Qwasder (Qws) in Yobit, since we only had 2,16 BTC of funds.


The payment of listing Qwasder tokens in Yobit follows below //


With sadness, we inform that we cannot continue with the project, for the reasons mentioned above, the funds raised in both ICOs Styras and Qwasder were spent to pay the listings (Styras and Qwasder tokens) in the Exchange Yobit, and thus to complied with the investors who have acquired the tokens, also all the staff members who have participated have been paid with Styras and Qwasder.


The main reason why people acquire tokens in an ICO is because they want to exchange their tokens for other cryptocurrencies after the end of the ICO, although the two ICOs have failed, we have complied with the investors and we got the listing of both tokens.


The tokens minted after the ICO are no longer related to the ICO investors and were minted to pay for some ads, pay bounty program, pay to the staff members and send to the Yobit wallet for the InvestBox, which is a function within Yobit that encourages the growth of the token. Once the token is on an exchange, we have not control over them, it’s the market who determinates the price of any token. The website // which shows the list of all cryptocurrencies, not even list the tokens (Qws and Sty), because were unsuccessful. We believe that the market of ICO is saturated because there are currently more than 1600 cryptocurrencies that most have come from an ICO and there are more than 700 ICOs running at this time.


All users who have acquired Styras or Qwasder, before buying the tokens, have signed and accepted the following terms and risk statements:




In case you invest via or website using Chinese, US, Canadian or Singapore IP addresses, your actions are considered to be illegal and are prohibited by your country’s legislation. The current document does not mean a contractual relationship. Neither guarantees nor accepts responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, current or completeness of this content. Individuals intending to invest in the platform should seek independent professional advice prior to acting on any of the information contained in this paper.

Citizens, residents (tax or otherwise) and green card holders of the United States of America, Singapore, China, or other U.S. or Singapore Persons are not allowed to buy STY or QWS tokens. The term “U.S. or Singapore Persons” refers to anyone who lives in the United States or Singapore or any entity that is incorporated under the United States or Singapore law. American citizens living abroad can also be considered “U.S. Persons”.

This notice applies to all persons who read this document. Please note this notice may be altered or updated. The information on both website about the project Styras or Qwasder, does not constitute any relations between you (hereinafter –“you” or “Holder”) and the Distributor. Availability and acquisition of STY and QWS tokens are possible only after accepting the Terms of token sale.

Acquisition of STY or QWS tokens does not present an exchange of cryptocurrencies for any form of ordinary shares of the Distributor and Holders of STY or QWS tokens are not entitled to any guaranteed form of dividend.

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Risk disclosure:

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