Internet access anywhere on the planet without a router, only with your cellphone!

No need for International roaming services and their high prices;

No need for Internet contracts with international phone companies

Never again get tied down by hotel Wi-Fi or Free Wi-Fi Zones


The service has a Global reach, and Styras Tokens, along with other crypocurrencies are the method of payment.


The mobile APP

Internet access anywhere on the planet, only with your cellphone!

Additional bonus: Increase your Internet by 15%!

The mobile APP

Using smart contracts, Styras customers maintain Internet connection oversees with low costs.



You can connect to the Internet through the wallet or the App.


A fast way to connect to the Internet is using the wallet, but if you want to

have more information about your Internet balance you should use the App.


To connect to the Internet by Styras App, firstly you should have saved in your wallet some cryptocurrency which could be Styras, Bitcoin or Ethereum;


1° Deposit your cryptocurrency (Styras, Bitcoin or Ethereum)


2° Transfer the amount desire to MB for navigation


3° Click on CONNECT, you are now CONNECTED!! Just that easy!


Styras App will enable the nearest Wi-Fi HotSpot to your cellphone!



how is this possible?

In the background the application detects your location and sends a message to us.

Indicating your location. According to this information the system will figure out, where the closest HostSpot is and it will send your Styras App all the information necessary (name of the Web and the password of the HotSpot). With this data you will have Internet access.



Special Bonus with STY deposits!

Enjoy this special bonus!

15% MORE (*)


If you deposit STY you will get 15% more Internet for navigation;


(*)  Special offer only for STY deposits


It was never this easy to stay connected!