How the Styras App, Wallet and

the Router works.

Explanation on how the mobile application works in

integration with the wallet and the router.



Explanation on how the Internet service works


How it Works

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Internet connection through the App

How it works

Styras app, Wallet and the Router

How does the Styras APP and STYRAS Wallet work.

This decentralized application based on the blockchain technology allows your cell phone to connect to WiFi Hotspots available around the world.


As we said before, a WiFi Hotspot is an access equipment that will offer wireless Internet coverage through WiFi standards, aiming to establish a wireless WiFi communication with the device “client”. All of those providers of WiFi signals are partner of Styras.


When you start the application, it will detect your location and mail it to our system.  Smart contracts  are detecting where the closest Hotspots are available.


While buying MB for navigation we receive your payment through the blockchain and after the first confirmation of the transaction, we will send a signal to our system to enable a particular Hotspot near you. Styras App receives the signal and will link you to those particular Hotspots which will be activated after the payment has been processed.

There would be Hotspots available to you in most countries and cities around the world.


How does the Styras Router work.

When you turn on the Styras Router, our application Styras APP will detect the device and link it to our Styras account.


The Router integrates a SIM CARD completely free of charge and aimed for the receivement of an internet signal, so we are able to distribute the product to your devices; Notebooks, Tablets or Gaming consoles.


A portable Wi-Fi device will enable you to set up your own private internet connection, practically anywhere in the world, on at least 10 devices simultaneously.


You can use a portable WiFi router when you travel; whether for business or pleasure.


It was never this easy to stay connected!

With the Styras APP and Styras Router you will remain connected 24hs, where ever you are.

Internet access anywhere on the planet.


You can buy Internet packages with cryptocurrencies.


No need for connection contracts with foreign Internet.


Safe and staple Internet access.


Development of a cell phone APP that allows you to connect to the internet anywhere.


You will get additional bonus hours to use WhatsApp, even if you don't have a account balance.


You can take your STYRAS Router with you everywhere and also connect 10 other devices or phones, with speeds of 21mbps, thanks to 3G connection.